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 Chapter 5: CDF Outposts


Part 1: CDF OP Alpha

Make your way back the Port Atlantis Teleporter and use it to travel to Cape Corinth.

When you arrive, enter the building and use the Televator in the middle of the room.

Go down to floor 1.

Leave the building and begin to drive along the road. This will be a long trip during which you'll acquire several missions.

Drive left toward CDF OP Alpha located at LAT: 61435, LON: 87359.

When you arrive, speak with Corporal Dolph. He will give you a mining mission.

Part 2: CDF OP Beta and Gamma

Keep following the road until you reach CDF OP Beta located at LAT: 60571, LON: 86822, where you will meet Private Carter and Specialist Eve.

When you arrive, talk to both NPCs.
Video of the trip:

Carter will ask you to investigate Maffoid activity near the hangars, and kill some Maffoids. Eve wants you to kill Cornundos Punies. Do not engage either of these creatures for the time being; there are more missions to stack.

Continue down the road to CDF OP Gamma, located at LAT: 59364, LON: 85139.

When you arrive, speak with Sergeant Rick and Corporal Carla.

Video of the trip:

You will be asked to find 300 missing parts for Rick, and mine some materials for Carla. Since the missing parts are looted from Maffoids, this will count toward your previously acquired mission as well. Continue to follow this guide and do not start hunting yet.

Part 3: CDF OP Delta and Epsilon

Drive further down the road to CDF OP Delta located at LAT: 60253, LON: 84564.

When you arrive, speak with Corporal Alice and Private Brian.

Brian will ask you to kill 300 Berycled Punies or Razortooth Juveniles. Alice will offer another mining mission.

Continue down the road once more to CDF OP Epsilon, located at LAT: 60898, LON: 82736.

Speak with Private Lance, who will send you to investigate some buildings. You can do this mission right away.

Simply visit each waypoint then return to Private Lance to complete the mission “Unknown Area.”

Thus concludes this Chapter, click the button to the right to be taken to the next Chapter.