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Part 1: Camp Icarus

 Chapter 2: Half Moon Bay


Part 1: Camp Icarus

Upon arriving at Calypso, you may be greeted by Sergeant Saana at Camp Icarus, or you may end up at Half Moon Bay. In the latter case, you can jump straight to Section 3.2.

Step through the following dialog with Saana carefully, or you may commit to the wrong mission chain and have difficulty following the next portion of this walkthrough.

She will ask for your name. Select the only dialog option available.

Agree to her mission by selecting “Yes, sounds worthwhile” to proceed. Selecting “No way, I  love frogs” will exit the dialog (you can speak to her again if you do so).

She will then warn you that completing her mission would assign you to the Camp Icarus newcomer mission chain. This walkthrough instead takes the route of the Half Moon Bay newcomer mission chain.

Select the “Take me to Half Moon Bay, please” option. You will be sent to Half Moon Bay to speak to Sergeant Zobenis. His dialog is similar to Saana’s, but this time, you should accept the mission assignment.

Part 2: Half Moon Bay Arrival

Select “I’ll get right to it” this time to start the mission at Half Moon Bay.

You will be given 0.70 PED in Universal Ammo and asked to kill five Tripudion Punies.

Equip your EWE EP-1 Neutron (L) (your first pistol) and use it to hunt the frogs. Once again, conserve ammunition by killing only the five that are necessary. Also, be careful not to hunt too close to a turret, which kills the creatures for you, but without yielding loot or mission credit.

After taking out the five Tripudion Punies, return to the sergeant. You will have the option to increase your Handgun or Rifle skill. Select the Rifle skill increase.

You will then be asked to report to Captain Hera, who can be found down the path behind Zobenis.

As you climb the hill, you will receive an invite to participate in a team instance called “The Gauntlet.” This walkthrough covers “The Gauntlet” in a bit. For now, just select “No, thank you,” and continue toward the camp.

When you arrive, speak to Captain Hera. She will ask you to inspect the nearby Gun Turret, which will then be marked on your map.

Select the Gun Turret 4 Console. A dialog will appear asking you to repair the turret by connecting a group of wires.

Connect the wires in the following order:

1. Black and Yellow
2. Red and Yellow
3. Yed and Yellow

After repairing the turret, return to Captain Hera for a reward of Anatomy skill. Upon speaking to Captain Hera again, she will ask you to locate a missing scout, and give you 0.20 PED in Universal Ammo before sending you on your way.

Before leaving, climb the ramp to the upper level of the camp building and speak to Aila Bukin to receive another mission to complete later.
After starting Aila Bukin’s mission, you will be given 1.70 PED of Universal ammo.

Now follow the waypoint to find the missing scouts, which are about 500 meters away from the camp.

Stand next to the vehicle and a dialog window will appear, sending you to a robot camp. You will be rewarded with Anatomy skill and 0.20 PED in Universal Ammo.

Make your way southeast from the crash to reach the robot camp.

Approach the terminal to sabotage the robot camp

A dialog will appear; select either option to destroy the machine. You will take some damage and may be attacked by the robots nearby. Do not waste any ammunition trying to kill them. Just let yourself die if they attack you.

NOTE: You have a chance of receiving defensive skill gains whenever you take damage from a creature. Death generally has no cost in Entropia, so there’s no reason to go out of your way to avoid being attacked.

If you die, you should revive near Captain Hera. If there are no creatures nearby to attack you, press “T” to be teleported back instead.

When you return to Captain Hera, you will be rewarded with a piece of CDF Scout armor worth 0.10 PED. Do not equip it, as wearing armor is not worthwhile at this point in your journey.

Thus concludes this Chapter, click the button to the right to be taken to the next Chapter.