Chapter 9: Newcomer Friendly Activities


Part 1: Autotool

It is now time to return from Half Moon Bay to Camp Icarus via the Teleporter.

Note: A Teleporter allows players to warp to predefined locations around the planet free of charge. You must visit most Teleporters to unlock the ability to use them, but the Camp Icarus Teleporter is unlocked by default.

Sweating will get much easier once you configure a few keyboard shortcuts.

Press “Y” to open the Action Library, “L” to open the Edit Panel, and “G” to open the Keyboard Map.

Search “select next target” in the Action Library and drag the action to the “1” key on the Keyboard Map.

If you cannot drag the icon, the Edit Panel is likely not open. Press “L” to open it (make sure you are not accidentally typing into the search bar or chat window when you do this).

Then search “toggle auto-use tool' and drag the action to the “2” key.

While you're configuring, search “loot” and drag the action to the “3” key. Your Keyboard Map should then look like this:

If you are having trouble, please view the following video:

Part 2: Swunting

It is also helpful to get accustomed to an activity informally called “swunting,” a portmanteau of “sweating” and “hunting.”

Swunting is the act of extracting Vibrant Sweat from a creature before hunting it. The goal is to improve the economic outcome of a hunt by augmenting the loot with Vibrant Sweat. Swunting is slightly more time efficient than sweating and hunting separately, since it eliminates the need to discard dry creatures at a turret or body of water. It also grants more defensive skill per creature than traditional hunting, since the interaction time with each creature is greater.

You will die quite a few times before your Evader profession is high enough to swunt efficiently, but grinding through the fatalities is one of the best ways to raise it. If you're lucky, people at Camp Icarus will heal you after you revive.

If you are struggling to gain enough Evade skill to swunt comfortably, try sweating (without killing) Caudatergus Punies, as they have a low damage output. If no one around is hunting them, drag dry creatures to the turret to be killed.

Part 3: Collecting Fruit, Stones, and Dung

Occasionally, when walking around the wilderness, fruit, stones, or dung will appear on the ground. You need to be walking or standing still for the items to materialize; they won't be visible while you're running. Another possible way to generate income is to actively search for these items.

When you find such an item on the ground, right-click it and select “Pick Up” to collect the item. Like Vibrant Sweat, fruit, stones, and dung can be sold or traded to other players (never sell them to the TT, as it offers next to nothing).

Part 4: Discipleship

If you have not yet found a mentor, now would be a good time to seek one. Right-click in the game window (anywhere except over another object or interface item) and select “System” in the popup menu, then select “Mentor Register” in the expanded menu.

Click “Online Status” to find mentors that are currently online (a player must be online to receive your request). Then select a mentor and click the “Request” button.

Video of finding a random mentor using the mentor register:

You can also seek a mentor in the #rookie or #trade chat channels.

A mentor will teach you more about the game, answer questions, and provide general assistance. Most mentors will not give out free PED or items. Expecting a free lunch is neither reasonable nor appreciated in this game, due to the nature of its RCE.

To track your discipleship progress, right-click in the game window (anywhere except over another object or interface item) and select “System” in the popup menu, then select “Mentoring” in the expanded menu.

This guide is written by Thaddeus Rusty Venture,
with assistance from Sheila Dr Girlfriend for the new player content.

Feel free to request Thaddeus Rusty Venture as a Mentor.