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 Chapter 7: Sabakuma and Maffoid


Part 1: Sabakuma Slay

Make your way back to the Port Atlantis Teleporter.

Use the Teleporter to travel to Half Moon Cove.

When you arrive at Half Moon Cove, speak to Foreman Sanders. He will give you 0.70 PED in Universal Ammo and ask you to recover a Detectonator.

Operate the Detectonator to pick it up. Kill eight of the Sabakumas. Then bring the Detectonator back to Sanders.

Sanders will reward you with some Anatomy skill and 2 PED in Universal Ammo.

He will then ask you to enter the nearby tunnels and fight the Broodmother inside.

Travel to and enter the tunnels indicated by the waypoint.

Kill the Broodmother, then exit the tunnels and return to Forman Sanders.

Foreman Sanders will reward you with 0.50 PED in Universal Ammo and ask you to speak to Technician Larchi.

Part 2: Maffoid Madness

Technician Larchi will send you westward to Darcy. Proceed along the road until you reach the waypoint and talk to him.

Darcy will give you 1 PED in Universal Ammo and ask you to retrieve three Maffoid Heads.

Also speak with Courier Doda to acquire a mission to find a missing case.

Navigate down the road to the Maffoid waypoint.

The missing case is nearby. Find it and pick it up.

Make sure your vehicle is in your inventory, then run into the group of Maffoids and let them kill you.

You will revive near a small garden. Speak to Professor Birch, who will ask you to retrieve a bag of fertilizer from a nearby station.

Grab the bag and track the missions “Nearby Threat” and “The Missing Parts,” then head south toward the waypoint for the former.

Make your way from location to location to gather the parts

Video of the trip:

After gathering the parts, Go to the nearby Corinth West Hangars B Teleporter located at LAT: 60972, LON: 86279.

Use the Teleporter to travel to Half Moon Cove.

Go to the waypoint for the mission “Mutant Incursion.”

Turn in your mission with Courier Doda on the way to the Maffoids. He will reward you with 0.10 PED in Universal Ammo.

Part 3: Maffoid Hunting Time!

Continue along the road to the Maffoid location. Hunt them until you complete both missions (150 Maffoid kills and 300 collected parts). You should collect the parts, as well as three Maffoid Heads, by the time you've killed the requisite Maffoids. Save at least 1 PED TT Value on your Vivo S10. You will need to use this FAP later, so heal naturally when possible.

Video of killing 150 Maffoids

Avoid hunting the Maffoid Grunts unless there are no Outrunners in sight. The Grunts have much more health than the Outrunners, and it regenerates much faster. There is another spawn nearby if you cannot find any Outrunners at the waypoint. In case you die and lose the waypoint, the location is LAT: 62712, LON: 89029.

When your EWE EP-1 Neutron (L) breaks, switch to the Sollomate Rubio (L) to finish the job.

NOTE: When you run out of Universal Ammo, right-click the Shrapnel in your inventory, under the “Materials” tab. Click “Convert to Ammo” to transform your Shrapnel into Universal Ammo. Shrapnel is exchanged for Universal Ammo at a 101% conversion rate, so using this technique is more cost effective than selling the Shrapnel and buying traditional ammunition.

After completing the Maffoid hunt, head southwest toward the waypoint “Mutant Incursion” to deliver the Maffoid Heads.

Speak with Captain Spiers to turn them in. You will be rewarded with a CDF Armor Voucher, which can be redeemed for another piece of CDF armor. He will also give you a waypoint directing you to the location where you can redeem the voucher.

Thus concludes this Chapter, click the button to the right to be taken to the next Chapter.